Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Endorsements for Governor, etc.

ImpeccableLiberalCredentials, the notable liberal minnesota politics blog has a longish post with am informative rationale for his endorsement of Peter Hutchinson:

Vote Today!

The Impeccable Liberal Credentials sample ballot was:

Amy Klobuchar for U.S. Senate
DEMOCRAT for U.S. House of Representatives (ILC's was Oberstar)
Peter Hutchinson for Governor
Papa John Kolstad for Attorney General
MARK RITCHIE for Secy. of State <---- really important!
Your partisan norm for State Auditor

This looks like it should work for all Minnesotans. The ILC sample ballot should be cut and pasted into all Minnesota blogs! Please link back to this post if you take our lead: http://mngovernor.blogspot.com/2006/11/endorsements-for-governor-etc.html

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Peter Hutchinson for Governor ad

The "No Regrets" video from the Peter Hutchinson campaign has disappeared from YouTube.

We came across this ad first in a post on the Minnesota liberal politics blog, ImpeccableLiberalCredentials.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

New 60 second ad from Peter Hutchinson

Also, here are the MSM stories about the Minnesota Governor race we are following.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio piece on MN-Gov primary challengers

Minnesota Public Radio has a new piece on the MN-Gov challengers. They are all women.

To find which candidate suits your personal priorities, you can try the Select a Candidate tool on the MPR website.

Today is the five year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on NYC, the Pentagon, and U.S. airlines and their passengers. The Pioneer Press relates it to the governor's race in the experience of Sen. Becky Lourey. Becky Lourey is a Gold Star Mother for Peace, who lost her son Matthew, a U.S. Army Aviator, in Iraq.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Using digg to highlight media coverage of this race

We are using digg.com to highlight media coverage of this race - you can help. Follow this link to see the latest news stories we've found online and 'digg' them to add relevance: http://www.digg.com/users/nextmngov/dugg

If digg.com doesn't automatically make sense to you, you might find this cheatsheet from Valleywag helpful. Maybe not. Anyway, if you are trapped behind a computer terminal all day and can't get out to wave signs in the street, digging stories for Becky Lourey, Sue Jeffers or other September 12th gubenatorial candidates might be the next best thing.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

6 Days until the primary!

Inside Minnesota Politics gives GOP Primary challenger Sue Jeffers a chance to speak in their most recent podcast about her candidacy and agenda, and notes that she was denied a chance to speak at the GOP convention.

Sue did a great job campaigning face to face in the Minnesota State Fair, where she had a booth, and also recently was heard at the Humphrey Institute's forum which was broadcast on MPR's Middday and is now available online in their streaming media archives.

To completely discount Sue Jeffers right now would be a mistake for both the mainstream media and the GOP incumbent. Pawlenty should have to debate her, as Hatch should also have to debate Sen. Becky Lourey, or the voters should sanction both Pawlenty and Hatch for denying them the chance to become fully informed about where the endorsed candidates really stand (hint- they stand together on the issues).

An article in the Minnesota Women's Press which highlights several women running for office studies gubenatorial candidate Becky Lourey, but does not even mention Sue Jeffers.

In the DFL gubernatorial primary, State Sen. Becky Lourey faces endorsee Mike Hatch, who was first elected attorney general in 1998-after he defeated Ember Reichgott Junge, the DFL endorsee for that post, in the 1998 primary election.

Obviously, party endorsement doesn't always mean victory in a primary. But most candidates still seek it vigorously, because along with a certain amount of credibility, the endorsement brings campaign volunteers, cash and access to the party's coordinated get-out-the-vote efforts, such as the sample ballot.

Candidates who agree to abide by the endorsement usually score points with the party faithful. Lourey sought DFL endorsement but did not promise to exit the race if another candidate received delegates' approval. Neither did Mike Hatch; only State Sen. Steve Kelley (who is now DFL-endorsed for attorney general) took that vow. In her race, Reichgott Junge said from the start that she would run in the Sept. 12 DFL primary, no matter who was endorsed by her party.

Sue Jeffers has a Myspace profile: http://www.myspace.com/suejeffersforgov

Myspace and other social networking sites are heating up with informative comments about the upcoming September 12th primary and endorsements of specific candidates, especially Senator Becky Lourey for Governor. Here two of hundreds of similar Myspace blog posts:

Nalu Girl - Fighting political apathy one primary at a time: Vote Sept 12th

erin - Who are YOU voting for in the September 12th primary?

Have you added a link to your favorite MN Governor candidate to your Myspace profile or Myspace blog yet?

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Becky Lourey mentioned by MSNBC's First Read

Earlier today, Minnesota's September 12th DFL primary for governor got a mention on MSNBC's First Read:

Iraq may be the central issue in many contests across the country, from Connecticut to Ohio to New Mexico, but nowhere on the map does the war hit closer to home than in Minnesota, where state Sen. Becky Lourey is the underdog in the September 12 Democratic gubernatorial primary against favorite Mike Hatch. Lourey's son Matt, an Army helicopter pilot, died last year in Iraq -- a war she's always opposed. According to veterans groups First Read spoke with, she appears to be the only candidate running for major office this year who has lost a child in Iraq; in fact, her campaign believes that Lourey might be the highest-ranking elected official in the country who has suffered such a tragedy.

Of course, we think it is odd to read Mike Hatch described as anyone's 'favorite' but he does have money in the bank even if he hasn't mounted any sort of grassroots effort to try to win the primary. Septemeber 12th promises to be a big day for Minnesota.

By using this link, creating an account and "digging" this article can show MSNBC some love for covering Minnesota's upcoming primary (which has extra national significance do to Becky Lourey's satnce on the conflict in Iraq and the experience she has had in losing her son and becoming a Gold Star Mother for Peace):


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